The Westman Charitable Foundation concentrates on focused giving, offering support to well-defined projects that fall within our four specific areas of interest:


Research and facilities that work to improve the quality of life and overall wellness of those in need.


Organizations and institutions that provide learning opportunities and quality education to help people achieve their goals.


Causes that improve the living quality of citizens across Alberta and work to alleviate the causes and symptoms of homelessness.

Community Engagement

Programs, initiatives, and projects directed at creating strong, vibrant, and sustainable communities in which every member is supported and enabled to thrive.

Our approach is to align with organizations and initiatives that truly support building healthy communities, share our values, and that we can work proactively with. Our ideal partners:

Contribute to the quality of life in Calgary and Edmonton.
Benefit a wide and visible group of people.
Make a tangible impact and have a minimal portion of the contribution being allocated to overhead and other administrative costs.

Who we've worked with:

The Westman Charitable Foundation awards donations of various sizes. To date, we have donated to the MS Hotchkiss Brain Institute. Read more here.

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